Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tamara Drewe OST

Directed by Stephen Frears, Tamara Drewe is a fantastic film based on Posy Simmond's graphic novel. The film features the likes of internationally renowned actress Gemma Arterton and Dominic Cooper. Tamara Drewe had great success at Cannes last year, you can expect a similar response world wide come it's release 10th September 2010. The soundtrack is available at Silva Screen.

Here is a quote from the composer Alexander Desplat about the score:

“I let the audience appreciate the moments of emotion. I think that’s what Stephen likes, that I can make space. Leave space for the acting moments and the strong emotional moments to be by themselves, without pushing with the music. It’s just there, giving weight, and also a way of balancing keeping the audience aware that we’re still in a mode of comedy. It’s not a drama; there’s a moment of drama, yes – but we’re not off‐balancing the film into drama suddenly just because the scene has changed.”

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