Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Stephen Frears, the Tamara Drewe director talks about composer Alexandre Desplat

Director Stephen Frears comments on how he came across Alexandre Desplat and how the Tamara Drewe theme tune came into being:

“I was drawn to Alexandre because he writes the music for the films of Jacques Audiard, a director I particularly admire”.

“I think Alexandre first said the film didn’t need music. Then he said the score should be made up of percussion. Then one night Alexandre and I were at a dinner in Berlin when he came up to me, hummed something to me, and said: “That’s Tamara Drewe”. As usual, I had no idea what he was singing. It was in fact the scurrying marimba tune that you hear first in the main titles of the score”.

The Town OST

The fantastic original soundtrack that accompanies Ben Affleck's motion picture, The Town completely demonstrates Harry Gregson-Williams and David Buckley's musical ability.

The orchestral/electronic combinations makes for an excellent background to the fast-moving crime thriller and complements it superbly. The soundtrack is available at Silva Screen.

The film opens at cinemas on the 24th September 2010.

Get Carter OST

Silva Screen Records presents Get Carter, which is the iconic Original Soundtrack written by Jazz sensation Roy Budd. The reissue includes a new extended 20 page booklet about the creation of the soundtrack and features dialogue infused between each track from the film. The soundtrack is available at Silva Screen.

Roy Budd is a critically acclaimed composer who at the young age of just 17, successfully toured around the 60's british Jazz circuit. More information regarding Roy Budd can be found at Roybuddmusic.com.

Below is a snippet of the main theme tune to the film which is featured on the Original Soundtrack:

Tamara Drewe OST

Directed by Stephen Frears, Tamara Drewe is a fantastic film based on Posy Simmond's graphic novel. The film features the likes of internationally renowned actress Gemma Arterton and Dominic Cooper. Tamara Drewe had great success at Cannes last year, you can expect a similar response world wide come it's release 10th September 2010. The soundtrack is available at Silva Screen.

Here is a quote from the composer Alexander Desplat about the score:

“I let the audience appreciate the moments of emotion. I think that’s what Stephen likes, that I can make space. Leave space for the acting moments and the strong emotional moments to be by themselves, without pushing with the music. It’s just there, giving weight, and also a way of balancing keeping the audience aware that we’re still in a mode of comedy. It’s not a drama; there’s a moment of drama, yes – but we’re not off‐balancing the film into drama suddenly just because the scene has changed.”

Friday, 13 August 2010

Doctor Who - Spot The Difference

This was another cover option for Doctor Who: Series 4 - The Specials. It's similar to the one we chose in the end but not quite the same. Decisions decisions!!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Doctor Who Tracklisting Announced

We are finally able to confirm the tracklisting for our double CD release Doctor Who Series 4:The Specials. The opening track, Vale is a cue from the larger work Vale Decem (loosely translated as Farewell Ten), which the music builds towards as the departure of the Tenth Doctor becomes imminent. The full version of Vale Decem is at the end of Disc 2.



1. Vale

The Next Doctor

2. A Victorian Christmas
3. Not the Doctor
4. A Bit of a Drag
5. In the Sea of Memory
6. Hidden in the Closet
7. The Wonder of Balloons
8. A Forceful Intelligence
9. The Greats of Past Time
10. The March of the Cybermen
11. Goodbyes

Planet of the Dead

12. A Disturbance in the Night
13. The Cat Burglar
14. Alone in the Desert
15. A Special Sort of Bus
16. Stirring in the Sands
17. Lithuania

The Waters of Mars

18. Letter to Earth
19. By Water Borne ...
20. The Fate of Little Adelaide
21. Altering Lives


The End of Time

1. We Shall Fare Well
2. A Frosty Ood
3. A Dream of Catastrophe
4. All in the Balance
5. A Ruined Gaol
6. Wilf’s Wiggle
7. Minnie Hooper
8. The End Draws Near
9. Gallifrey
10. Final Days
11. The Council of the Time Lords
12. The Master Suite
13. The Ruined Childhood
14. A Chaotic Escape
15. The World Waits
16. A Longing to Leave
17. A Lot of Life Behind Us
18. Dealing with the Menace
19. Speeding to Earth
20. The Time Lords’ Last Stand
21. The Clouds Pass
22. Four Knocks
23. Song for Ten (Reprise)
24. Vale Decem
25. Vale
26. The New Doctor

Doctor Who Series 4:The Specials

The much anticipated two CD set, due for release late September is number 6 in the Amazon pre-order chart. Silva Screen will be announcing the track listing this week.

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