Monday, 31 January 2011

Being Human

On 7th March Silva Screen is set to release Being Human, Richard Wells' soundtrack to BBC3's hit supernatural comedy-drama.

The album is available to pre-order from Amazon:

The music for Being Human was nominated for the BAFTA Original Television Music award in 2010

Toby Whithouse, writer & creator of Being Human comments:
"Richard doesn’t just compose a good soundtrack. These are haunting and beautiful pieces of music in their own right"


1. Being Human
2. Ancestors
3. Annie’s Them
4. A Wonderful Thing
5. Box Tunnel Massacre
6. Gilbert’s Door
7. Resurrection
8. Spread A Little Joy
9. Best Night Ever
10. It’s Coming
11. Leaving
12. Molly
13. Beautiful Chaos
14. Blood Addicts
15. Someone Else
16. Catacombs
17. Lucky
18. A Second Chance
19. Vampire Annihilation
20. Who’s Laughing Now?
21. Holding On
22. Annie’s Door
23. Nina And George
24. Full Moon

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