Friday, 25 February 2011


On the 28th March, Silva Screen will conjure back to life The Hammer Legacy series.

Available digitally for the first time, the best of the wonderfully crafted Hammer scores is collected here into three blood curdling compilations - The Vampire Collection, The Science-Fiction Collection and The Frankenstein Collection.

Concentrating on The Vampire, Science-Fiction and Frankenstein themes, the compilations feature the music of the legendary James Bernard, Harry Robinson and David Whitaker.

The Science Fiction Collection includes music by Tristram Cary, an early pioneer of electronic music who also wrote for Doctor Who in the early days.


Track Listing

The Hammer Legacy: The Frankenstein Collection

1. The Curse Of Frankenstein - Opening Credits
2. The Revenge Of Frankenstein - End Credits
3. The Evil Of Frankenstein - Opening Credits
4. Frankenstein Created Woman
5. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed - Opening Credits & The Death Of Anna
6. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed - Liberating Brandt
7. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed - Frankenstein’s Lust
8. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed - Brandt Awakens
9. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed - End Credits
10. The Horror Of Frankenstein
11. Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell - Helder Meets The Other Patients
12. Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell - The Monster Recovers
13. Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell - Death Of The Monster
14. Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell Finale

The Hammer Legacy: The Science-Fiction Collection

1. The Quatermass Xperiment - Opening Credits
2. Ouatermass 2 - Opening Credits/Things In The Domes/End Credits
3. Quatermass And The Pit - Quatermass And The Pit
4. Quatermass And The Pit - Hideous Dwarf
5. Ouatermass And The Pit - Demons
6. Quatermass And The Pit - Terror
7. Quatermass And The Pit - Panic
8. Quatermass And The Pit - The End - Birth Of Hob
9. Quatermass And The Pit - Finale And End Credits (unused)
10. Quatermass And The Pit - End Credits
11. Quatermass And The Pit - Electronic Music
12. Moon Zero Two

The Hammer Legacy: The Vampire Collection

1. Kiss Of The Vampire - Opening Credits
2. Kiss Of The Vampire - Vampire Rhapsody
3. The Vampire Lovers - Opening Credits
4. Countess Dracula - Opening Credits
5. Lust For A Vampire - Opening Credits
6. Lust For A Vampire - The Dream “Strange Love”
7. Twins Of Evil - Opening Credits
8. Vampire Circus - Opening Credits
9. Vampire Circus - The Tiger Dance
10. Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter - Main Titles
11. The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires
12. The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires - Ambush
13. The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires - The Battle Rages
14. The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires - Introducing Vanessa Buren

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